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Monat: März 2019


NASA Accepts the Challenge to Return to the Moon in the Next Five Years

On Tuesday during the fifth meeting of the National Space Council, Vice President Mike Pence challenged NASA to send American astronauts back on the Moon in the next five years. Administrator Jim Bridenstine released a statement following the announcement, saying “It is the right time for this challenge, and I assured the Vice President that…

IAU100 Launches Global Event for the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the First Moon Landing

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of an important milestone in space exploration and humankind – the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing – IAU100 has set up a dedicated website to coordinate global events and large moon observation activities, including the launch of a telescope competition. On 20 July 1969, a historical milestone took place: Neil…

1969: First Moon Landing Forever Stamps

U.S. Postal Service unveils 50th anniversary of moonlanding stamps. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing on July 20, 1969, the U.S. Postal Service is pleased to reveal two stamp designs commemorating that historic milestone. Additional details are coming about the date, time and location for the first-day-of issue ceremony. One…